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My name is Thais de Moura, originally from Brasília (Brazil), and now a citizen and enthusiast of La Nucía, European City of Sport. Firstly, I would like to welcome you to my website. As the co-director of Myox, I work as a personal trainer specializing in muscular electrostimulation and human biomechanics.

Before introducing the work I do, I would like to share a bit about my journey. I’ve always been an active and fearless individual, having lived and faced various experiences in life, with one of them being sports, specifically martial arts, where I felt a strong connection! With little time practicing martial arts, I challenged myself to participate in a competition because I wanted to discover how far I could go.

After competing for the first time, I realized that I would dedicate myself to sports for a lifetime. I continued training and competing for many years until I became a high-level athlete. After winning numerous medals and titles within Brazil, I decided to broaden my horizons in the sports field. I began studying Exercise Science and Sport and developed it into the profession of my life. Nowadays, I consider myself a personal trainer and physical preparer. I highly value health and quality of life, and it’s important for me to convey these values to people through my work.

Currently, I am a trainer in La Nucía (Marina Baja – Alicante), focusing on personal training tailored to each client’s needs. My work encompasses various specialties, including muscular electrostimulation, self-defense, training for pregnant women, postpartum recovery, postural correction, hypopressive exercises, and strength training.

It’s worth noting that all personal training work I carry out in La Nucía is done under the brand Myox, a pioneering brand in the fusion of personal training and physiotherapy. Internationally recognized for its expertise in muscular electrostimulation.

Myox is a brand created by Juan Peris, who, to my joy and pride, is my husband and partner. We work together with great enthusiasm and dedication in this journey where we prioritize the client and their needs. Welcome, and we are at your service.

The essence of my work


Sport has always been a part of my life, and I love sharing that with others. I’ve always believed that physical activity is a remedy for almost everything in life, as it brings countless benefits to physical, mental, and emotional health. Each person carries within themselves a greater strength than they can imagine, and it’s very gratifying for me to help people reach their goals and motivate them to surpass themselves. My work always involves respecting the individuality of each client and working according to their needs. In the end, I love my job, and I love taking care of people.




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Thais de Moura: Entrenadora Personal en La Nucía IconThais de Moura: Entrenadora Personal en La Nucía

5.0 25 reviews

  • jaume perpiña martinez ★★★★★ Hace 3 semanas
    Solo tengo palabras de agradecimiento para Thais, ya que cumplí con todos mis objetivos gracias a ella. Ahora después de tanto tiempo me siento en forma y con los kilos deseados. Gracias al trabajo de Thais y de Juan, gran persona y gran … More amigo!!!
  • Pusi sanchez ★★★★★ 4 weeks ago
    Thais es una gran profesional que gracias a sus años de experiencia dá mucha confianza y tranquilidad. Sabes que estas en las mejores manos.
  • llum mira ★★★★★ Hace 3 semanas
    Mi experiencia ha sido y es excelente. Motivacion y profesionalidad al 100% por parte del equipo liderado por Thais y Juan. La experiencia personal también es inmejorable, con trato cercano y familiar por parte del equipo Myox. Es un lujo … More contar con preparadores fisicos centrados en ti y en tu circunstancia fisica y personal, y ver resultados desde el primer momento. Un 10!
  • Yolanda “Y” Moreno Edo ★★★★★ Hace 3 semanas
    Thais, solo tengo palabras de agradecimiento por el trabajo que has hecho conmigo. Qué gran profesional, haces fácil lo difícil. Me ha maravillado cómo adaptas los entrenamientos a las capacidades y a las menos capacidades. He disfrutado … More de tu profesionalidad y tu calidad humana. Mil gracias.
  • Carmen ★★★★★ Hace 3 semanas
    Thais es estupenda, una gran profesional y una gran persona. Siempre atenta a mis necesidades y adaptando el ejercicio a mis circunstancias personales. Me ha encantado entrenar con ella. Un placer haberla conocido.
  • Bruno Lopes ★★★★★ Hace 3 semanas
    Quiero destacar lo increíble que ha sido nuestra experiencia con nuestra entrenadora personal Thais de Moura. Su profesionalismo, dedicación y conocimiento han hecho una gran diferencia en mi rutina de ejercicios. ¡Estoy muy contento con … More los resultados que he logrado gracias a su guía y apoyo!

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Hello, I’m Thais de Moura, and I’ll be delighted to assist you. I appreciate the trust placed in my work and in Myox.